Company Name   Kaneb Terminals, LLC
Facility Name   aka ST SERVICES (Indianapolis, IN Terminal)
Facility Address   3350 North Raceway Road
Facility City   Indianapolis
Facility State   IN
Facility Zip   46234-1163 
Facility Telephone Number   (317) 299-2675 
Facility Fax Number   (317) 299-0036 
Company Web Address
Company E-Mail Address   bob_white@stservices.net
Contact Person(s) for Sales   Robert J. (Bob) White 
Corporate Office Location   Dallas, Texas 
Facility Manager(s)   Ken Robertson 
Hours of Operation   24-7-365 
Closest Cross Roads on Map or Location Hyperlink   W. Crawfordsville Road and North Raceway 
Total Number of Aboveground Tanks   18 
Total Storage Capacity of Facility (bbls, gals, and/or metric tons)   410,000 bbls; 17,220,000 gals; 65,091 MTons 
Smallest Tank Size (bbls, gals, and/or metric tons)   10,000 bbls (420,000 gals) 
Largest Tank Size (bbls, gals, and/or metric tons   55,000 bbls (420,000 gals) 
Steel Type and Fabrication, e.g., Welded, Stainless, Riveted, API 650   API 650 or 12C 
Liquids Stored and Transferred, Generic or Specific Names, e.g., Petroleum, Petrochemicals, Acids, Caustics, Animal Fats, Veg Oils, Etc.   Petroleum, Jet Fuel, Fertilizer, Chemicals 
Transport Modes Serving Facility   Pipeline (Marathon, Buckeye, & TEPPCO), Truck 
Primary Inbound & Outbound Throughput Mode, e.g. Marine   Pipeline Inbound, Truck Outbound 
Truck Rack Info, e.g. Additive, Filtering, Dye Capability, Loading Rates   Two 4 Bay, Automated; Distaillates & Gasolines 
Rail Siding/Spur Info, # of Cars and Whether You Own Trackmobile   None 
Depth of Water at Dock and Other Dock Data, e.g. Barge Beam Length   None 
River Mile or Channel Point Location Marker Name   None 
Direct Transfer/Intermodal Capability, e.g., Bunkering, or Lightering, If Any   No 
Pumping Rate Capability, Dock, Rail, Pipeline, and/or Truck Rack   Please Call 
Scale or Metering Information, e.g., Offsite or Onsite Capability   Please Call 
Additional Tank Information, e.g., Insulation, Coiled, Linings, Double Bottoms, Low Pressure, Refrigerated, Butanizing   Please Call 
Means of Product Heating, e.g., Hot Oil, Steam, Boiler Hp/BTU Rating   Please Call 
Nitrogen Capability, if Any   No 
Lab Capability, If Any   None 
Ballast or MARPOL Reception Capability, if Any   None 
Compressed Air Capability, if Any   No 
Land Acreage Available for New Construction, If Any   Please Call 
Firefighting Equipment, if Any   Please Call 
Warehouse and/or Drumming, Bottling, and other Containers   Dry Warehouse Storage; Office Space Rental 
Type(s) of Vapor Recovery at Loading Rack/Spot, If Any   John Zink VCU. Red Dye Injection; Additives 
Type(s) of Vapor Control for Tanks, If Any   Internal Floating Roofs 
Onsite Wastewater Treatment Capabilities, if Any   None; Truck Offloading Headers Available 
Permitted to Receive RCRA Hazardous Waste from Offsite Customer?   No 
Quality Programs, if Any, e.g. ISO 9002 or Responsible CAER™ program   Jet Fuel Filtration Available 
NPDES Wastewater/Stormwater Discharge Permit?   Yes 
Air Pollution Permits?   Yes 
SARA Title III Tier 2 Filing?   Yes 
OPA FRP Spill Response Plan in Place?   Yes 
SPCC Plan in Place?   Yes 
USCG Operations Manual Available?   Not Applicable 
Generator I.D. Number Available?   Yes 
OSHA HazCom Program in Place?   Yes 
DOT/RSPA Pipeline Operator?   No 
DSP/ATF Bonded for Spirits?   No; Denatured Ethanol Blending Available at Rack 
Regulatory Contact Person Telephone Number   Jim Siciliano 972-931-8065 
Type of Tank Product Inventory, e.g., Computer Linked   Please Call 
Tank Storage Capacity Available To Lease   Please Call for Tank Storage Lease Availability